Selina Roman
Growing up in a multicultural home, I struggled to identify with the halves that constituted my self – Latina and white. My father, the heavyweight prizefighter and all of his machismo, silent bravado, and my mother, the nurturing, guilt-ridden, selfless Anglo, formed my ideas of the feminine and masculine – the lover and the fighter. Never quite feeling aligned with either half, I developed a keen awareness of the other early on. This conflation of female and cultural identities creates the context on which my work is based. Confronted with these realities, my work creates a visual dialogue that seeks to reclaim a female point of view in a macho-saturated society, all while attempting to redefine the male gaze.

Personal experience, dreams, fashion, as well as religious and cultural iconographies visually inform my work. I adopt objects and rituals from other cultures and use them in my work to locate myself within the context of feminine identity. My own cultural hybridization lays the groundwork for continued examination of these experiences. Using formal and conceptual methods such as staged and straight photography, appropriation, sound and video, my work confronts established perceptions and norms, and offers a new framework for contemplation.


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